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The specific attempt of our Organisation is to structure a sustainable plan of responsible tourism that means the tourism which respect general principles of social and economical equality, in the full respect of nature and cultures. According to its own definition, the sustainable tourism recognizes the importance of local communities and their right to be a protagonist in the sustainable tourism of their own lands. We work favouring the positive interaction between local people, communities and travellers. Visiting the more characteristic places and sharing the more traditional moments of local populations, suggesting a direct contact with people, we try to let the people see these countries with a new attitude and with a more awareness. We operate in these countries: Morocco, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Togo, Egypt, Mali, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Panama, English Guyana, Peru, Borneo, Cambodia, Japan, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Socotra, Vietnam, India, Greenland, Spain and Italy. We are Member of Aitr (Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile), Earth (European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality) and GRT (Gender Responsible Tourism).

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Imagine you were on holidays in the middle of nature and you could relax with organic delicious food, using renewable energies, low impact transports, promoting social responsibility and environmental awareness. This is not a dream. Itís reality and itís called ViaggiResponsabili.org. †It offers sustainable holidays and dinners. Every section responds to the increasing sensitivity towards the environment, healthy nutrition, enhancement of local culture and rediscovery of local context, connecting communities, hosts and travelers. The website is conceived to create and promote a new image of sustainable tourism and hospitality. Easy to be understood by customers, new to be sold by resellers, fast to be joined by partners. †Everything is generated respecting all the criteria of sustainable tourism and be involved in concerned network. It has serious foundations that pledges an high value and high performances, both in terms of quality and environmental impact.

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EQUOTUBE - A special gift of sustainable tourism and green hospitality

EquoTube turismo responsabile italia

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Lasciate che cultura, viaggio e tradizione invadano il vostro modo di viaggiare!
Crediamo nel Turismo Responsabile come elemento fondamentale per lo sviluppo di una cultura
di pace e realizziamo, con i nostri partner locali in diversi paesi del mondo, una serie di idee
di viaggio che permettano ai protagonisti delle realtŗ territoriali e ai nostri viaggiatori
di incontrarsi, dialogare, agire insieme per un progetto comune che parta dal basso.

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